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Yinghua Li

Associate Professor
School of Accountancy

Mailing Address:
Main Campus
PO BOX 873606
Tempe, AZ 85287-3606

Phone: 480-965-5188
Fax: 480-965-8392
Email: Yinghua.Li@asu.edu
Yinghua Li


Ph.D. in Accounting, University of British Columbia, 2005;
Master in Accounting, Renmin University of China, 2000;
Bachelor in Accounting, Northeastern University, China (with distinction), 1997. 

Research Areas

Corporate disclosure; shareholder activism; stock price crash risk.

Academic Positions Held

Arizona State University: 2014-present.
Baruch College: 2011-2014.
Purdue University: 2005-2011. 

Representative Publications 

1. Inder Khurana, Yinghua Li, and Wei Wang, 2017. The Effects of Hedge Fund Interventions on Strategic Firm Behavior. Forthcoming at Management Science.

2. C.S. Agnes Cheng, Henry He Huang, and Yinghua Li, 2016. Does Shareholder Litigation Deter Insider Trading? Journal of Law, Finance, and Accounting 1, 275–318. 

3. Yinghua Li, and Liandong Zhang, 2015. Short Selling Pressure, Stock Price Behavior, and Management Forecast Precision: Evidence from a Natural Experiment. Journal of Accounting Research 53, 79–117.

4. C.S. Agnes Cheng, Henry He Huang, and Yinghua Li, 2015. Hedge Fund Intervention and Accounting Conservatism. Contemporary Accounting Research 32, 392–421.

5. Mark DeFond, Mingyi Hung, Siqi Li, and Yinghua Li, 2015. Does Mandatory IFRS Adoption Affect Crash Risk? The Accounting Review 90, 265–299.

6. C.S. Agnes Cheng, Henry He Huang, Yinghua Li, and Jason Stanfield, 2012. The Effect of Hedge Fund Activism on Corporate Tax Avoidance. The Accounting Review 87, 1493–1526.

7. Jeong-Bon Kim, Yinghua Li, and Liandong Zhang, 2011. CFOs versus CEOs: Equity Incentives and Crashes. Journal of Financial Economics 101, 713–730.

8. Jeong-Bon Kim, Yinghua Li, and Liandong Zhang, 2011. Corporate Tax Avoidance and Stock Price Crash Risk: Firm-Level Analysis. Journal of Financial Economics 100, 639–662.

9. C.S. Agnes Cheng, Henry He Huang, Yinghua Li, and Gerald J. Lobo, 2010. Institutional Monitoring through Shareholder Litigation. Journal of Financial Economics 95, 356–383.

10. Yinghua Li, 2009. Shareholder Litigation, Management Forecasts, and Productive Decisions during the Initial Public Offerings. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 28, 1–15.

11. Joy Begley, Sandra Chamberlain, and Yinghua Li, 2006. Modeling Goodwill for Banks: A Residual Income Approach with Empirical Tests. Contemporary Accounting Research 23, 31–68.



ASU is a tier 1 research university and W. P. Carey is proud of its strong tradition of teaching and classroom excellence. Our students directly benefit from the research and theories our faculty brings into the classroom. Below is a list of courses being taught during the current semester by this faculty member. Click a course to view it in the ASU course catalog.

ACC 440 - External Reporting II
Continuation of ACC 340 with emphasis on the recognition, research, and resolution of financial reporting issues.

ACC 791 - Seminar
A small class emphasizing discussion, presentations by students, and written research papers.

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