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Claudiney Pereira

Clinical Associate Professor

Office:CPCOM 415G
Mailing Address:
Main Campus
PO BOX 879801
Tempe, AZ 85287-9801

Phone: 480-965-8421
Fax: 480-965-0748
Email: Claudiney.Pereira@asu.edu
Claudiney Pereira

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Ph.D., North Carolina State University, 2003; M.S., University of Brasilia (Brazil), 1996; B.A. Economics, Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil), 1991.


Research Areas

Income inequality, poverty, and Latin American economic development.


Current Projects

“The Impact of the Tax System and Social Spending in Income Redistribution and Poverty Reduction in Latin America.” With Nora Lustig.

“Political Economy of Territorial Inequalities in Latin America: Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.” 2015. With James Robinson et al.

“Incidence of Taxes and Social Spending by Race and Ethnicity in Brazil”.  With Sean Higgins.

“Asymmetric Pass-Through in Brazil: Interest Rates Rise Faster than they Fall.”


Academic Positions

Arizona State University: 2014-present

Tulane University: 2004-2014

Catholic University of Brasilia (Brazil): 2003-2004


Teaching Award

Outstanding Teaching Award for Part-Time Instructors. Poole College of Management, North Carolina State University, May 2003. (US$500)


Representative Publications

"The impact of the tax system and social spending in income redistribution and poverty reduction in Latin America". Hacienda Pública Española/Review of Public Economics. Forthcoming. With Nora Lustig

“Ethno-Racial Poverty and Inequality in Brazil". In: Commitment to Equity Handbook, A Guide to Estimating the Impact of Fiscal Policy on Inequality and Poverty. Nora Lustig (ed.). Forthcoming, Brookings Institution Press.

“Fiscal Policy, Income Redistribution and Poverty Reduction in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay: An Overview”. In: Post-Neoliberal Latin America. Tulia Falleti, Emilio A. Parrado, and Rogers Smith (eds.). Forthcoming, University of Pennsylvania Press. With Nora Lustig.

“The Effects of Brazil’s Taxation and Social Spending on the Distribution of Household Income.” Public Finance Review, vol. 42(3). May 2014. With Sean Higgins.

"Brazilian retail banking and the 2008 financial crisis: Were the government-controlled banks that important?" Journal of Banking and Finance, vol. 37(7), July 2013. With Luiz F. Maia-Filho.

“Impuestos, Transferencias, Desigualdad y Pobreza en Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, México y Perú: Una Síntesis de Resultados,” Perspectivas sobre el Desarrollo: Hacia un mejor Estado en América Latina. F. Álvarez & P. Sanguinetti (eds.) CAF, v10, 2012. With Nora Lustig et. al.

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