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Carola Grebitus

Assistant Professor
Morrison School of Agribusiness

Office:SANTN 235F
Mailing Address:
Main Campus
PO BOX 871780
Tempe, AZ 85287-1780

Phone: 480-727-4098
Fax: (480)-727-1961
Email: Carola.Grebitus@asu.edu
Carola Grebitus

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Job Title(s)
Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Kiel University, Germany, 2007; M.S., Kiel University, Germany, 2002; B.S., Kiel University, Germany, 2001.

Research Areas
Agricultural and Experimental Economics; Marketing and Consumer Behavior; Market research; Sustainability; Diet and Health; Food Safety and Technology.

Recent Consulting (Grants)
2013 – 2014 Self-Regulated Learning for Sustainable Product Evaluation. Granted by CTI Scholarship Support & Enhancement Grant Program, as Co-PI with Rod Roscoe, Arizona State University (PI). ($14,000).
2012 – 2013 Solutions to increase the consumer interest and valuation for sustainable products in markets. Henkel Consumer Goods Inc., as PI, Project No. 13054246 ($25,000).
2012 – 2013 Choose Healthy Arizona – Analyzing Drivers of Consumers’ Food Choices. Granted by CTI Scholarship Support & Enhancement Grant Program, as PI. ($10,000).
2012 – 2013 Understanding Consumer Behavior in the Clean Energy Industry in Arizona. Granted by CTI Scholarship Support & Enhancement Grant Program, as Co-PI with Yueming Qui, Arizona State University. ($10,000).
2012 – 2013 Meeting European consumers’ demand for Canadian beef: Analysis of Canadian beef from a European perspective – the role of country-of-origin labelling. Granted by the Consumer and Market Demand (CMD) Network, as principal investigator (PI), with Gregory Colson, University of Georgia, and Co-PI Wuyang Hu, University of Kentucky. Sub-grant Number: CMD-560 (C$ 66,000).
2010 – 2012 Network on the Economics of Food Choice and Health. Granted by the German Research Foundation, as PI, Project No. 50170047 (EUR 114,450).
2010 – 2012 Consumers’ food choice regarding environmentally sustainable attributes: Comparing Canadian and German perception, attitudes, values, preferences and willingness to pay for carbon and water footprints. Granted by the CMD Network, as PI, with Co-PIs Bodo Steiner, University College Cork, Ireland, Michele Veeman, University of Alberta, Canada. Sub-grant Number: CMD-548 (C$ 60,000).

Current Projects
Analyzing attribute non-attendance based on involvement; Explaining attribute cut-off levels in choice experiments; Effects of peers on food choice when calorie labeling is present; Meeting European consumers’ demand for Canadian beef; Self-Regulated learning for sustainable product evaluation.

Academic Positions Held
Arizona State University: 2012-present; Bonn University, Germany: 2008-2012.

Career and Recent Professional Awards; Teaching Awards
Sylvia Lane Mentorship Fund, awarded by the AAEA Trust in 2011; Annual award ‘Goldener Zuckerhut’ for junior-professionals showing outstanding success in Germany’s food economy awarded by the Foundation ‘Goldener Zuckerhut’ in 2006; Annual award for the article “Healthy Diet” at the 7th Lower-Saxony Junior Media Awards awarded by the Media Association Lower-Saxony in 1996.

Professional Leadership
Member at Large, AAEA Food Safety and Nutrition Section, 2013-present; Topic Leader for the 2013 and 2014 AAEA Meeting; Leader of the Network on the Economics of Food Choice and Health, funded by the German Research Foundation, 2010-2012; Guest Editor International Journal of Consumer Studies, vol. 36(2), 121–250, 2012; European Review of Agricultural Economics, vol. 39(5), 741-877, 2012.

Representative Publications

GREBITUS, C., LUSK, J., R. NAYGA: Explaining differences in real and hypothetical experimental auctions and choice experiments with personality. Journal of Economic Psychology, 36, 11–26, 2013.

GREBITUS, C., LUSK, J., R. NAYGA: Effect of distance of transportation on willingness to pay for food. Ecological Economics, 88, 67–75, 2013.

GREBITUS, C., JENSEN, H.H., J. ROOSEN: US and German consumer preferences for ground beef packaged under a modified atmosphere – Different regulations, different behaviour? Food Policy, 40, 109-118, 2013.

GREBITUS, C., JENSEN, H.H., ROOSEN, J., J.G. SEBRANEK: Fresh meat packaging: Consumer acceptance of modified atmosphere packaging including carbon monoxide. Journal of Food Protection, 76(1), 99-107, 2013.

MUELLER LOOSE, S., PESCHEL, A., C. GREBITUS: Effects of convenience and product packaging on consumer preferences and market share of seafood products: The case of oysters. Food Quality and Preference, 28(2), 492-504, 2013.

GREBITUS, C., STEINER, B., M. VEEMAN: Personal values and decision making: Evidence from environmental footprint labeling in Canada. American Journal of Agricultural Economics - Proceedings, 95(2), 397-403, 2013.

MENAPACE, L., COLSON, G., GREBITUS, C., M. FACENDOLA: Consumers’ preferences for food products with geographical origin labels. European Review of Agricultural Economics, 38(2), 193-212, 2011.

GREBITUS, C. AND M. BRUHN: Analyzing semantic networks of pork quality by means of concept mapping. Food Quality and Preference, 19(1), 86-96, 2008.

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AGB 420 - Food Advertising and Promotion
Focuses on advertising and promotional strategies in the food industry, with emphasis on consumer packaged goods.

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