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Eric Rosano

School of Accountancy

Mailing Address:
Main Campus
PO BOX 873606
Tempe, AZ 85287-3606

Phone: 480-965-0143
Fax: 480-965-8392
Email: eric.rosano@asu.edu
Eric Rosano

Job Title(s)

Masters of Taxation, Arizona State University, 2013; Bachelors of Science in Accountancy, Arizona State University, 2012

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Arizona State University: 2014-present.

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ASU is a tier 1 research university and W. P. Carey is proud of its strong tradition of teaching and classroom excellence. Our students directly benefit from the research and theories our faculty brings into the classroom. Below is a list of courses being taught during the current semester by this faculty member. Click a course to view it in the ASU course catalog.

ACC 231 - Uses of Accounting Info I
Introduces the uses of accounting information focusing on the evolution of the business cycle and how accounting information is used for internal and external purposes.

ACC 232 - Financial Accounting I
Develops an understanding of the theory, concepts, principles and practices underlying preparation, interpretation, and use of external financial reports. Emphasizes interpreting the economic substance of events and transactions and their association with contemporaneous and prospective events, relationships, and outcomes. Gains understanding of the accounting information model and develops an ability to analyze and record business transactions and analyze basic financial statements. Meant for prospective accounting and finance majors (and students who plan current majors in these areas) and develops skills and abilities facilitating success in higher-level accounting courses.

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