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Shawn Huang

Associate Professor
School of Accountancy

Mailing Address:
Main Campus
PO BOX 873606
Tempe, AZ 85287-3606

Phone: 480-965-7197
Fax: 480-965-8392
Email: shawn.huang@asu.edu
Shawn Huang


Ph.D., University of Missouri, 2009;

M.S., University of Florida, 2003;

B.S., Jinan University, 2001

Research Areas

Role of transparency and disclosures; Properties of accounting numbers; Executive Compensation; International accounting

Academic Positions Held

Arizona State University: 2013-present.

University of Arkansas: 2009-2013.

Representative Publications

1. CEO Inside Debt Incentives and Corporate Tax Sheltering (Forthcoming Jounral of Accounting Research with Sabrina Chi and Juan Manuel Sanchez).

2. Analyst Coverage and the Likelihood of Meeting or Beating Analyst Earnings Forecasts (Forthcoming Contemporary Accounting Research with Raynolde Pereira and John Wang).

3. Audit Committee Accounting Expertise, Analyst Following, and Market Liquidity (Forthcoming Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance with Elaine Mauldin and David Farber).

4. Francis, J., S. X. Huang, and I. Khurana. 2016. The Role of International GAAP in Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions. Contemporary Accounting Research 33, 1298–1330.

5. Dhaliwal, D., S. X. Huang, I. Khurana, and R. Pereira. 2014. Product Market Competition and Conditional Conservatism. Review of Accounting Studies 19, 1309-1345.

6. Cassell, C., S. X. Huang, J. M. Sanchez. 2013. Forecasting without Consequence? Evidence on the Properties of Retiring CEOs’ Forecasts of Future Earnings. The Accounting Review 88, 1909-1937.

7. Albring, S., S. X. Huang, R. Pereira, and X. Xu. 2013. The Effects of Accounting Restatements on Firm Growth. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 32, 357-376.

8. Cassell, C., S. X. Huang, J. M. Sanchez, and M. D. Stuart. 2012. Seeking Safety: the Relation between CEO Inside Debt Holdings and the Riskiness of Firm Investment and Financial Policies. Journal of Financial Economics 103, 588–610.

9. Francis, J., S. Huang, I. Khurana, and R. Pereira. 2009. Does Corporate Transparency Contribute to Efficient Resource Allocation? Journal of Accounting Research 47, 943-989.

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