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Joseph Van Orden

Assistant Dean
Office of Academic Affairs

Clinical Assistant Professor
Supply Chain Management

Office:BA 448
Mailing Address:
Main Campus
PO BOX 872306
Tempe, AZ 85287-2306

Phone: 480-727-3907
Fax: 480-965-8629
Email: joseph.vanorden@asu.edu
Joseph Van Orden

In 2000 Dr. Van Orden graduated with a BS in accounting from Brigham Young University. His first position after graduation was with John Deere as an accountant. He moved to New Mexico for a better opportunity with Rinchem, a logistics company. After one of the executives retired, Joe was given the opportunity to take over Rinchem's trucking fleet; it was losing 60k a year, and the company had considered closing it down. At the time, he was just starting his MBA at night at the University of New Mexico; his prior focus had been on finance, but once his job changed, he also changed his emphasis to operations and logistics management. He caught the supply chain bug and has never looked back. Operations and Logistics management taught him strategies for how to look at problems and issues with new eyes. Joe and his team turned the small trucking fleet around, and it grew quickly from eight trucks to 30 in three years. Rinchem went from losing 60K per year to making 900K in trucking. This success inspired Dr. Van Orden to want to learn even more about logistics; he left his work in 2005 to get a PhD at the University of Utah. Four years later, he left the University of Utah to accept a logistics teaching position at West Point Military Academy in New York. Dr. Van Orden loved teaching at West Point, but he married a beautiful Mesa girl that wanted to move back West. Rinchem at that time had branched out into international logistics, and they invited Dr. Van Orden back to direct the international shipping group. In the past four years he has designed supply chains for companies like Intel, Micron, and Entegris, traveling to Israel, China, Korea and more. Dr. Van Orden is excited to be invited back into the academic environment by ASU as a clinical assistant professor of Supply Chain Management.

Dr. Van Orden consults in the following areas: Lean Service Design, Chemical Supply Chains, TMS implimentation, Truck Brokering and International Supply Chains.

Research: Supply Chain Design, Health Care Service Design, Lean Services, Product Innovation, Service Operations.

Consulting: Lean Service Design, Chemical Supply Chains, TMS implimentation, Truck Brokering and International Supply Chains


ASU is a tier 1 research university and W. P. Carey is proud of its strong tradition of teaching and classroom excellence. Our students directly benefit from the research and theories our faculty brings into the classroom. Below is a list of courses being taught during the current semester by this faculty member. Click a course to view it in the ASU course catalog.

SCM 440 - Quality Management/Measurement
Provides a broad introduction to quality management frameworks and tools, with an emphasis on supply chain and operations management issues. Introduces modern quality management approaches including Total Quality Management, Lean and Six Sigma. Students learn how to define quality for a product or service, develop appropriate measurement systems, and apply statistical and systems thinking to control and improve the underlying processes. Covers quality awards and performance excellence programs and quality management systems such as the ISO 9000 family of standards.

SCM 445 - Advanced Logistics Management
Logistics processes account for approximately 10% of U.S. GDP; therefore, the efficient and effective execution of these processes is critical to supply chain managers in corporations, government entities and nonprofit organizations. Includes an overview of the processes involved, a survey of the institutions and players in the processes, and the analytical tools to evaluate their efficiency and effectiveness.

SCM 502 - Operations and Supply Mgmt
Contemporary management issues, including environmental, project, and supply chain management; new product development; quality control; TQM.

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